Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Love

Our love soars high and low
your words melt my heart and the touch of your hands

send shockwaves running wild right through my whole body when you are close to me

but the pain of being apart

is sometimes hard to bear

but I know you are with me and that our souls are twined

making things seem alright

one day I know that you will come

and knock on my door

and it is then that we will celebrate

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

out of control

From the first moment we met

I found myself

in a state of flux

each time I heard your voice

my legs felt like jelly

and my heart raced like a jet engine

my world was spinning out of control

they say that when love happens that it is like a sudden whirlwind that blows you right of your feet

the exitement never fades

the love grows stronger by the day

and every single moment

is sheer bliss


Valentine love
intense and ablaze
each time eyes meet
two souls bonded together as one
and locked up in each others hearts
the moment fate put us both on that same path
their was no going back because now we remain in harmoney untill the fire burns out and we are both mingled together in spirt
forever after

Monday, May 14, 2012


Still walking along the many roads

looking for someone

that I can call my own

longing to find

a diamond amongst

all the rough stones

and one that constantly quenches my inner thirst

and is naturally

attracted to me

and not just looking for a kiss and warm flesh for the night

it is eay to fall along that highway and find out that it led to a fork in the road

Friday, May 11, 2012


During the hours of last night

I slipped into a dream

I found my lover in our secret garden

waiting their for me to arrive

the fragrance of the flowers was an aphrodisiac

and made us both heddy

and the love- making

between us both tasted so divine

Through to the soul

When our eyes met

I could see right through yours and into your soul

I saw the bright light of love burning like the golden sun

and at the same time felt it penetrate deep into my soul

since then that feeling has never left me

and the burning desire is still as strong as it was when I first looked into your eyes


A whirlwind Romance

two strangers meet

on a perfect day down at the beach

their eyes locked and fingers touched

sheer bliss

mouths seeking each others flesh

tasting a symphony of sensations

a pure silence just taste and touch

Paradise really does exist

Silent Composition

Is love a story that has no end

a flickering flame that burns day and night without ever going out

is it just pure and simple lust that drives us like the wind and rain

or is it a beautiful Symphony they call the music composed out of love


The best way to describe love

is that when you find it it opens up your soul and sets all the emotions free to fly

A new road to walk down

light at the end of the tunnel

and peace of mind

to enjoy each day you wake up and open your eyes

A world of your own to paint love"s pictures in lots of different colors

red for midnight passion, yellow for happy smiles and green for pastures new , days smelling all those beautiful flowers and blue for the skies above down on the pink sandy beaches

worlds created by feeling the special power that only love can bring

Locked love

Yours is the love That I keep locked away

precious and sacred

and preserved forever

And when the moonlight is bright and full

it is then I unlock it and we share each other"s uncontrollable passion