Thursday, December 6, 2012

Phil Collins -

Phil Collins - 1. Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Official Video) 2. Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise 3. Tarzan Soundtrack - You'll be in my heart by Phil Collins 4. Phil Collins - Against All Odds - Live Aid 1985 - London, England 5. Phil Collins Farewell Tour - Drums and "Take Me Home"

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lingering Thoughts

Remembering  the day  that he first touched my heartstrings...
and the feelings  that   sped out of control...
 his kiss  stayed  lingering on my lips  ...
For days and days and days...
the  thoughts   still  linger  in my  heart...
   and    the love  grows  stronger the years go by ...
those feelings   will   stay   with me ...
day and night  untill  I gently fade away

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Let love in...
see it through many colors....

embrace it....

feel the warmth and share passion....

you do not have to break a heart....

make sure you have found ....

that someone who shares your soul....

and that you both are as one.....

thats love

 Copyright Rosie Fielding2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

In the Dark

With just the tick of the old slate clock....

The room was warm but black...

our hearts racing and hot blood ....

flowing between the crisp white sheets....

what else could we wish for ....

on a cold and frosty night....

our hands busy roaming each other"s flesh...

and lips locked like magnets....

their was only one summit to reach now ...

untill that volcano of lust erupted....

just pure unbridled pleasure in the still of that dark night

Copyright RosieFielding2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It was not my intention...

to fall in love with you...

you did not know either....

that we would ever cross paths....

our friendship bloomed...

but not for long...

you could not fly free...

and I did not have the power...

to ever set you free


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


         As Autumn  sets in....
          and  the logs are  stacked in their   dry  store...
          we think about    the coming  weeks...
            throughout the fall...
             we plan  our  festive   table  menu...
            and  wrap up little  gifts...
           it is  a time  of thanksgiving again...
           a time  to  reflect   and   gather   the family around...
            To sit at the  table    and  say  our prayers...
             And   be  thankful  for  our     festive   foods ...
              as we raise  our glasses  and   make  a toast ...
                While   the fire roars   and doors are  tightly shut
yes, let us   keep out   those wintery   chills...
 and   warm our toes      and     enjoy    the   turkey   ....
  and  snap  that   wishbone     while   making  that   all important     festive wish
 All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Black Night

Spellbound, down on my knees I began to kiss and caress my Mistress"es beautiful leather clad feet, and as  I gently touched them  I felt the leather sting my warm skin , my Mistress was hungry for my flesh and her tongue demanding.

My nakedness had been pawed by my Mistress and her desire"s fulfilled during the black night, now I am called to task again to satisfy all her whims. My mind blank from lack of sleep and my body punished only made me yearn for more, Icrave for her full lips to envelope mine and her leather gloved hand to touch my face , to drink of her nectar would be my gift and her tongue licking my flower,she has me spellbound forever caged and tied waiting to be used yes, I am now her toy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beyond Love

Trapped by love

a restless rose

chained and captive forever

her soul being eaten away by the strength

of her lover"s charm and passion

her perfume his addiction and her beauty his treasure

together they are each others food

and the light of each others life

both strong and wild

and restless spirits now entwined and rooted deeply in each others love
 Copyright Rosie Fielding2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Lost   within his eyes  the moment that we met...
 his world  became my world and we closed the door 
 nothing else seemed to matter but  him and I
 as we  floated about  from cloud to cloud
 the days  came and the nights   went
and each of them   just perfect  in every way
 our souls  twined  and our hands became  clasped
and nothing  could drive us apart
and as time  passes  by
our love  gets stronger  and  our life   has become   just perfect

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Make me your love slave...
and captive to your lust...

whisper words that poets write..

paint your fantasy accross my bare flesh...

eat from me...

drink from me...

seek out where my pleasure hides...

and steal my womanly wine

copyright Rosie Fielding2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Night Flight

Eyes closed...
 drifting through clouds of grey mist...
  searching for love amongst the  thousands of   silvery stars...
 my soul  bouncing  and my heart beating fast...
 I just  hear  a voice ...
 but I  never   meet the   person  ...
maybe    when I  close my eyes tonight...
 I shall find    the love of my life  waiting   ...
with arms open wide...
and be able to  put a face to that  wonderful voice  ...
that I heard    in my past dreams    ...
many moons ago.


Thursday, September 20, 2012


Wrap your arms around me tight...
  the nights are getting cool...
   whisper gently  in my ear...
    those words that lovers do...
    soon we will  feel the passion  inside us...
     and be consumed together  ...
and burn  in the red flames of love

 Copyright RosieFielding2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The night is meant for dreamers..
 so close your eyes and fly away..
soon you will reach your destination...
 and meet up with the    person     who ...
 colors  your  every dream.

 copyright Rosie Fielding2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lost In The Garden

 Lost  in a garden ...
 my lover playing with my thoughts...
 images  appearing before  my eyes...
 while  trying  hard to suppress my inner passion untill   after dark

Friday, August 17, 2012

Not To Be

Lost in the wilderness of love
the grey mists  making  it difficult to find  the right path  home
I lost   your  love
and now  I am  abandoned without  a  hope of   getting you back

 All Rights Reserved Rosie 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


   As the moon   passes over and  under the  night cloud
my eyes   begin to  focus   on    the  brightness  of  the   moon each time it  surfaces  from  behind  the clouds
your face  suddenly appeared  on the  face
it was   you    or was it just an illusion

Friday, August 10, 2012

It is you that is constantly
on my mind

I see your image in the glass

in the early morning light

I hear your strong voice talking to me in the heat of the day

and in the hours of the night I can feel your touch almost as if you lay next to me in my empty bed

And as the months go by

it is always June in my eyes

because it is when our souls first met

now time means nothing to me

it just stands still

as if it was only yesterday

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      Tuesday, August 7, 2012

      how we met

      I often wonder
      just why our paths crossed
      and why you still tug on my heart strings
      when I think of you
      my heart thumps
      and my legs turn to jelly
      I keep trying to forget you
      but each time I try
      those feelings will not go away
      but then I ask myself why
      I want to forget you
      and my heart just will not let you go
      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2012

      Blog EntryJul 30, '12 1:32 PM
      for EnglishLady's friends and EnglishLady's online buddies

      Music brought  us together

      Monday, June 18, 2012

      you are alway on my mind

      It is you that is constantly
      on my mind

      I see your image in the glass

      in the early morning light

      I hear your strong voice talking to me in the heat of the day

      and in the hours of the night I can feel your touch almost as if you lay next to me in my empty bed

      And as the months go by

      it is always June in my eyes

      because it is when our souls first met

      now time means nothing to me

      it just stands still

      as if it was only yesterday





      Lucid dreaming
      leaving my earthly body

      to travel afar

      to unite with the soulmate

      that waits for me in the dead of the night

      hearts stop bleeding

      and eyes stop crying

      to dance in harmony

      for a while

      laughter and love wash over us both

      untill the dawn breaks

      and we are both back in our beds

      Friday, June 15, 2012


      Blinded by his love
      we were destined to bond together

      and as the days go by that feeling becomes stronger and more powerful

      Now we both rely on fate

      we do not know if we will ever come together

      but we know that our love is still flowing

      Thursday, June 14, 2012


      Your paradise awaits

      here in my arms

      allow yourself to soar far away up into the white fluffy clouds

      that will carry you over vast oceans

      to join me in uniting our lost souls
      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding20

      Wednesday, June 13, 2012

      A Place To Meet

      If we should ever meet

      I found this beautiful place

      just for us

      away from prying eyes with just the sounds of the birds

      and those fireflies

      back to nature

      and clean fresh air

      and just the right setting

      to begin our much awaited love affair

      Tuesday, June 12, 2012

      painting Love

      Two lovers

      blending together

      all the vibrant colors

      of their love

      mixing carefully

      the right shades

      at the right moment

      pinks and blues for dreaming together in the early morning

      yellow and orange for laughter and funfilled days

      and reds and purple for that hidden passion simmering beneath their skins

      waiting to explode into a sea of red

      when the sun goes down and darkness covers their canvas

      while they finish painting their love

      to reveal a masterpeice

      that they call love

      Monday, June 11, 2012


      The night  was young
      the mood  full of  seductive  glances
      her eyes enpowerd my  body
      her chemise brushed against my bare  body
      sending shockwaves     causing    my passion   to rise  
      her hands  worked  their  spell  and  I lost  control
       and  she   tore down  all my resistance
      now  she keeps  me   prisoner 
       and  tortures me    continually
      whenever    she   desires  
      I have become  her love slave


      Forever your name on my lips

      but never ever spoken

      your voice a sweet melody traveling daily through my ears

      your smile my addiction

      and your laughter infectious

      you are still hidden

      inside my soul

      and indelible like ink running through my body

      just like a drug

      you remain in my bloodstream forever
      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding 2012



      Thursday, June 7, 2012


      I found you

      lost in a daydream

      you were looking for love

      our hands became clasped

      and from that moment

      you whisperd in my ear

      and told me that you were alive again

      and that you felt my love run through your body bringing you fresh hope and exitement

      I promised you nothing but sweet love and you gave me your soul

      to keep forever with mine

      untill the end of time
      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2012

      Wednesday, June 6, 2012

      A fire

      Love is just like a fire

      because It burns and burns

      and never dies out

      the kisses fuel the fire and love starts raging through the body untill the passion reaches its desired state

      when all of a sudden it causes an explosion and a state of euphoria

      has washed over the body and left you satisfied and happy like never before

      Coming closer

      I can feel you

      drawing me in closer

      your words are becoming clearer

      as the hours pass by

      and the days fade away

      I always knew you and I were meant for each other

      but as yet

      fate has to decide when it will be

      untill then

      you are safe within my soul

      and thoughts grow stronger each time I think of you

      their is color and harmony between us both and music constantly plays

      while our hearts dance in unison

      to our own special tune

      Tuesday, May 22, 2012

      Our Love

      Our love soars high and low
      your words melt my heart and the touch of your hands

      send shockwaves running wild right through my whole body when you are close to me

      but the pain of being apart

      is sometimes hard to bear

      but I know you are with me and that our souls are twined

      making things seem alright

      one day I know that you will come

      and knock on my door

      and it is then that we will celebrate

      Wednesday, May 16, 2012

      out of control

      From the first moment we met

      I found myself

      in a state of flux

      each time I heard your voice

      my legs felt like jelly

      and my heart raced like a jet engine

      my world was spinning out of control

      they say that when love happens that it is like a sudden whirlwind that blows you right of your feet

      the exitement never fades

      the love grows stronger by the day

      and every single moment

      is sheer bliss


      Valentine love
      intense and ablaze
      each time eyes meet
      two souls bonded together as one
      and locked up in each others hearts
      the moment fate put us both on that same path
      their was no going back because now we remain in harmoney untill the fire burns out and we are both mingled together in spirt
      forever after

      Monday, May 14, 2012


      Still walking along the many roads

      looking for someone

      that I can call my own

      longing to find

      a diamond amongst

      all the rough stones

      and one that constantly quenches my inner thirst

      and is naturally

      attracted to me

      and not just looking for a kiss and warm flesh for the night

      it is eay to fall along that highway and find out that it led to a fork in the road

      Friday, May 11, 2012


      During the hours of last night

      I slipped into a dream

      I found my lover in our secret garden

      waiting their for me to arrive

      the fragrance of the flowers was an aphrodisiac

      and made us both heddy

      and the love- making

      between us both tasted so divine

      Through to the soul

      When our eyes met

      I could see right through yours and into your soul

      I saw the bright light of love burning like the golden sun

      and at the same time felt it penetrate deep into my soul

      since then that feeling has never left me

      and the burning desire is still as strong as it was when I first looked into your eyes


      A whirlwind Romance

      two strangers meet

      on a perfect day down at the beach

      their eyes locked and fingers touched

      sheer bliss

      mouths seeking each others flesh

      tasting a symphony of sensations

      a pure silence just taste and touch

      Paradise really does exist

      Silent Composition

      Is love a story that has no end

      a flickering flame that burns day and night without ever going out

      is it just pure and simple lust that drives us like the wind and rain

      or is it a beautiful Symphony they call the music composed out of love


      The best way to describe love

      is that when you find it it opens up your soul and sets all the emotions free to fly

      A new road to walk down

      light at the end of the tunnel

      and peace of mind

      to enjoy each day you wake up and open your eyes

      A world of your own to paint love"s pictures in lots of different colors

      red for midnight passion, yellow for happy smiles and green for pastures new , days smelling all those beautiful flowers and blue for the skies above down on the pink sandy beaches

      worlds created by feeling the special power that only love can bring

      Locked love

      Yours is the love That I keep locked away

      precious and sacred

      and preserved forever

      And when the moonlight is bright and full

      it is then I unlock it and we share each other"s uncontrollable passion

      Thursday, February 16, 2012

      Hungry with desire
      I want to torture your soul
      I long to paint your warm flesh in the color red for passion
      and have you under my full control
      so that you are helpless but on the edge begging to touch and when you see me
      looking into your eyes
      then you will know that
      it is time
      to unwrap my robe
      and consume what is inside


      Valentine love
      intense and ablaze
      each time eyes meet
      two souls bonded together as one
      and locked up in each others hearts
      the moment fate put us both on that same path
      their was no going back because now we remain in harmoney untill the fire burns out and we are both mingled together in spirt
      forever after

      Thursday, January 26, 2012

      Love Blossoms


      When love starts to blossom

       like  the trees in the Spring

      we need to nurture  it

      and  keep it going

      by feeding  it with love and tender  care

      and  as  the days  and months go by

      fertilize    with  the strength from   the passion   that  will nourish    it   now and again

      and  if  that love

      is  true  then  it will blossom  year after year

      and   remain as fruitful

       as the first  time    it  began  to blossom   

      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2012

      Wednesday, January 25, 2012

      Dreamy Days


      My heart asks

      for dreamy days

      when the warmth of the sun brings me alive again after  those cold  and grey days  of those winter months have   past leaving  me  with   aspirations and  better days 

      to wonder  in the golden  fields  and   make my way  to a cool  clear stream  so that I can  dip my   toes     and feel     the water  cleansing my feet

      and  on  another day    to picnic   under   the shade  of an old  creeping willow tree with   a lover    that  makes me laugh  when he chases me     untill I allow him to catch me and   hold me close   so that  I can  feel the   pangs of  passion   when his tongue  swirls  round  and round  inside  my mouth

       and  the sensations eventually  blows  my mind

      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2012

      Tuesday, January 24, 2012

      Shock Waves


      In the heat of the  moment

      his movement on my body

      induced waves of  pleasure making me

      dizzy  with delight

      our lips  became swollen  and tongues danced in a frenzy   in unison with    the climax of  our passion

      untill the fire  gradually  burned   out  and    all was calm   sending us both  into a contented  sleep  while  still connected  together    holding  each others hand

      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2012

      Monday, January 23, 2012



      Our love grows   Here

      behind   walls of silence

      the garden   smells   of fragrant flowers

      that  bloom  constantly   while

      we shower   each other  with   love that  flows   like  the   waters   in  the fountain  beneath   the   oak tree  

      a haven    to escape to on  warm summer  nights

      and  a place   that is   secret and known  only  by us  both

      and  when the  warmer weather   arrives  we shall  meet  their   and continue   to enjoy     those   private  moments   and share    each others love        

      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2012

      Friday, January 20, 2012

      Close Your Eyes


      Now it is dark

      and you are  all alone

      close your eyes     in your quiet room

      picture me  standing  behind your chair

      and   feel my hands   gently stroking the back of your neck

      empty your mind

      and come with me

      to another world  for an hour or two

      and  in this place   their will be  just us too

       just   making  sweet love    under    a golden  sun

      and  bathing  in a blue lagoon      and sipping  fruit coctails    through a straw    untill  the sun goes down and    our  hours   are done and   it is time to open  your eyes   again

      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding 2012

      Thursday, January 19, 2012

      For You


      I left this  for you

      even though we  have never met

      or ever kissed each others lips

      but in my heart  the love   flows for you

       dont ask me why

      because   I am unable to  answer why

      love knows no bounds

       and   the power     it has  will  not  go away


      I left you   this flower

      to let you know   that my  love   is still alive

      and  that  I  still think of you 

      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2012

      Wednesday, January 18, 2012

      Defrost My Heart


      It is cold  and frosty outside

      and warm and inviting  inside

      I need  someone

      to love tonight

      so you know my number

      please call 

      and leave a message

      I hope you will be able to come

      do not worry about   what time   

      the night  will be long

      and  wonderful 

      and we shall have   plenty of   fun








      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2012

      Tuesday, January 17, 2012

      Love Grows

      Love grows

       when eyes first meet

      and the heart  misses   a beat

      It germinates   as time goes by

      and  flourishes with every kiss    untill

      it is strong enough  to   withstand

      the storms  and  troubled times   in  in our lives

      love keeps  us afloat

      and with  the one we  love   steers us   gently     back on course

       and as time goes by   love matures 

      and  we are able  to  enjoy   it like  sipping   vintage wines  savouring    every   moment      spent   and still  holding each others  hand   because     love has grown    strong 

      over the  course of time

      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2012

      Monday, January 16, 2012

      Malboro Man


      Riding into the sunset with a slow talking,easy going

      cattle rancher

      Enjoying  long silent   days and nights

      working  the magic

      between us both

      and me   roaming those wide open spaces    that  he  knew    every  inch

      I cooked my pasta primavera  while he grilled rib- eye steaks in butter and garlic

      our different worlds  collided

      and we  learnt  to       feed each other  with love   laden with  laughter and     joy

      out in that vast prairy   watching  the  golden sunsets    come and go   living in harmony   with  one another   down on the farm    

      All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2012