Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free Your Soul


 Open up your soul

and set it free

if you have been hurt

cry your last tears

a new horizon

is not far away

so put on that beautiful smile again

and wait for a new love to come

because  the last one

that broke  your heart

did not deserve to share  your love

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wish Dust

Kept inside a   glass jar by my  bed

is the  fine   powdery

dust  that I sprinkle

  outside my window   every night when  the stars are   out

each little grain   is   a dream   that   I   cherish

and  one day   I hope   that the dream catcher will   find   it   blowing in the wind

So until  then   I shall continue  to sprinkle    that same dream     so that   it  blows far away       and     gets  caught      then    my dream  will  come true

All Rights Resrved Rosie Fielding2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Book Of Love


This is my book of love

written     about    all  my dreams  and fantasies

each page     filled with   loving words

and  precious    moments   

captured    only  by me   and    another who  became   a part  of  my life

as the days  go by  the  pages   of this book  will   increase

and become    like a bible  

with  many  chapters  

about   my   life and  love

and one day  

 perhaps        my  book   may  be    found and read

but until then I shall continue to  write       untill   I finish  

the  complete  book

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Hold My Hand


Hold my hand

so that I can feel

the love from yours penetrating   right

through my body

that way  I will know    how much  you love me

and  how strong    your passion is   as  I feel  it   stirring    me   inside 

squeeze  my hand gently    so that  I  will know     that  you are feeling  the same vibrations  as  I am

 because I love you


All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011



In my heart

time  has stood still

ever since we  first met

untill that last day  when  it all  just  stopped

frozen   in time 

but inside    my warm heart

 the sweet  love     that we  enjoyed

 and  all the  beautiful  words   that we wrote

now       the memories    are still   potent and   real

and  shared     between     the two of us      as the  days   come and go


All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

A memory

Wrapped up in a special place for memories

are  my   my thoughts , 

your  words to me ,

and  the beautiful  moments   shared    between us

and now   all  that  is left   are   shared tears

but tears of  sheer joy

because  when fate    allowed  us    to  spend    a short time  together

 those   few    days   brought  us  both  alive     and     we were able  to  laugh   out loud again 

at nothing  really  only   happy      go lucky nonsense that   gave us     the  most precious  time of our lives

these  memories    will  haunt us    in a beautiful way  for the rest of our  lives     to treasure     between us  both


Wednesday, November 23, 2011



If I took you into the 

English countryside

and fell a little  in love with you

what would you do?

Because    you have not answerd my question

 their is no   ending to this poem

but       the dream  will  carry on

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Loves Melody


When love finds us

we  have to nurture   it  like   it  were a young seedling

protect it   and  feed it 

 shelter    it  inside  our  heart  and  nourish it with food from  our soul

 and when   it  eventually   becomes  strong enough  

  it is  only then  that  we   find out   that    together   we have     shared     the most beautiful  thing    that two people     can  ever  have   had   that   only the two  of us       ever found


    All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011 


Monday, November 21, 2011

A Thousand Thoughts


Throughout  the days

and  darkest of nights

A thousand thoughts    of you   pass through my  mind

your  face is  etched   inside  my soul

 and  the   powerful  waves     of  love  wash over  me     when  I  imagine    us both     together     all alone

 each   thought that passes    never  fades  but   paints      the most beautiful  pictures    of you     before  my eyes

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Under A Veil Of Silence




 Under  a veil of silence

 lay    the  remains of  a short   flirtatious romance

 lighthearted  and funny  with  bursts   of laughter  and frivolous  flirty  chats

the summer  months   were  perfect   and   exiting     to say the least

but now    those moments  are   sweet memories

 now   laying dormant   and  safe  under   wraps

All  Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Come Closer

Come closer  and    fall into  my open arms

taste  my  kisses   and listen  to my   heart beating    as  your  body   touches  mine

 feed me   on your love 

until I am  satisfied

that you    found   your   soulmate  and   that   the love we  shared  was  real

  and not just another dream that   faded  away   when the dawn came along but    the dream   you  had   that  became   so real

when  our   hearts met and began beating as one


All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011




Friday, November 18, 2011

Night Flower

His lady was a night flower

she  lured  him  into the

the darkness of the  nights and  stole  his  heart  and   controlled

his mind

he was just  like  a toy

and  she pulled  all his strings

whenever she needed to play  her  games   of love 

and when  the  mornings came    she  left him  chained    to a big   iron bedstead   until   her hunger    grew

 he would    wait  untill  he  heard  her   voice    then  she  would   free him  from his chains

to  became   her   love slave 

to serve her         and feed her on  wild strawberries    and  her favorate pink Champagne

he  was orderd to  call her       Mistress  Pink 

untill  such times  as she  might  just tire of  him  and   free him from  his  role



 A  very different  poem for you all today, hope you will like it    all comments  appreciated    thanks Rosie

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011



The power of sensations

the  electricity   between  flesh

kisses that light up the mouth and tongue

shock waves reaching  the secret places   yet to be explored

and the rush of  the  blood flow   knocking    us off our feet

these  are the  feelings

 that  fill our  minds

telling us    that it can only be love

a gift   for us

when  we find   someone  that  ignites the spark

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Touch Of Love

Hidden inside my soul

a serenade plays

when I think of you

we dance  a slow waltz

to the sounds of   the strings humming   sweetly

and  our bodies  sway in tune  making us  melt

 like putty  into  a  world   beyond  love    and  into   our own comfort zone 

  taking with us  nothing  but   pure  elixiar   that  only the two of us   can ever share 

forever    besotted  and  totally connected   by   sharing   one soul that just became fused  together 

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Love Set To Music


 Love set to music

smouldering   passion 

legs being stroked 

as they  become  tangled  with     his  dominant   twists

both their eyes   locked   in  sultry gaze   while her lips   stay tightly shut  as  he   tantalizes  her   with his  bulllike    advances

 a torrid  Argentinian tango  building  up to a  

frenzied      climax

of  movement  and   submissive   flirting

and danced with  elegance and  graceAll Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Friday, November 11, 2011




 Your what I picture in my mind

when I  long  to touch you and  feel you wrapped  and entwined     with me    in some  motel  miles away  from prying eyes

the thoughts of you   make  my heart flutter  and  my   passion  rise

although my  love is innocent 

my guilt  flows  in me   making me   struggle    to suppress  my  desires

 and when  I  try  to  put you out of my mind   

all I can hear  in my head is   your words   to me  

begging  me not to forget 

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011



When  someone  very special walks into your life

their footprints   stay  in your heart  

and are never ever  washed away  by  time or tides  

instead  they walk with you invisibly   as you  think of them  every day

so  whenever  you  are out and about  remember

that one  thing 

and  know that  you have not lost them   they  are  with you day after day

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bubbly Rose


Bubbly Rose

bursting with  sensuality

and oozing   out  her beautiful   fragrance

hypnotizing  her prey

and   enticing them by  dancing slowly as she  gently   opens   her   beautiful petals 

to reveal   her  secrets

 she  is such  a tease


All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Under A Blanket Of Stars


 Drifting off  into   a dream

under a blanket of stars

soon to feel  your body  close to mine

and your moist lips  gently  kissing  mine

your warm hands   moulding my  body

while I nestle   into  your warmth

the sensations  moving like waves   wanting   you   to  love me  inside and out

 before    the dream  fades and   the    daylight    covers   the  dark  skies  

to me you are real  

but  your not  really  mine

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tones of Autumn


Tones of Autumn

strings   being strummed

  to create  those various


rich   to mellow 

 evoking   warmth  and    contentment

during  the  fall

 a season   of  fruitfulness  and  abundance   as those    beautiful  leaves   dance

upon the   damp ground 

 whilst     the winds   whistle       their  Autumn tune

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Beautiful Mistake

The Day that our souls met

it was a beautiful mistake

the laughter  made us  happy 

and we  started  to live again 

the sun  was shining out of our eyes

and   it felt cosy and warm

I hope that deep   inside   you

that  those feelings  still live on

because     I never  want  all of this  to come  to  an end 

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Night Flight


Night flight

 a dream journey  

to find my  love

and when I find  him

I shall wake him gently   from his sleep

and kiss him deeply

so that   his  body   comes alive and   we are  able  to  penetrate    each other     and  float      naked in seas of  pure love       until our   bodies 

are  nourished  and     

 satisfied   untill

the next time          the night flight    takes me   to him  once again

All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

In Your Heart


I know  that you think about me  every single day

 and that   we can never be together    only   in this way

but  as long as you keep me  in your heart

 our love   will   keep on  flowing

  for the rest of our days

All rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Need You Tonight


I need you  tonight

the nights are  cold

and   I  long  to feel your

arms wrapped around  my body to keep me  safe and warm

to  taste those  lingering kisses   that ignite and 

explode    on my lips 

taking us further and further   into    the fires of passion blowing our minds  as  we  float   together    intoxicated  with  our own special  nectar


All Rights Reserved Rosie Fielding2011